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How to use absolute imports in react native with expo

Categories: react react-native August 26, 2020

This short post demonstrates how to use absolute imports of react components in a react native application created with expo.

Working for free as a freelancer

Categories: freelancing August 15, 2020

For every freelancer it is just a matter of time, until you're asked to work for free, meaning without payment in the form of money. While there are both arguments for and against accepting such an offer, things depend ultimately on the specific case and your situation. In this article we want to take a closer look at the pros and cons of free work in different situations.

Find your first freelance client

Categories: freelancing August 13, 2020

A question most, if not all, of us ask in the beginning. For some it might seem so daunting that their freelancing career might never get started. However, as we will see in this article, the steps recommended by successful freelancers are actually easy to perform and the task seems more difficult than it is.

Step by step guide to create OAuth Credentials in the google developer console

Categories: oauth July 01, 2020

This small guide walks you through the steps to create OAuth credentials in the Google Developer Console for use with a web application.

Strapi authentication via Google Provider with React

Categories: strapi July 01, 2020

This tutorial shows a small example how to allow users to log in and sign up with their google accounts in a strapi and react based application.

Microservice Bad Smells and Anti Patterns

Categories: Microservices April 26, 2020

The most common problems observed in microservice systems include 1. Wrong Cuts 2. Shared Persistency 3. Shared Libraries 4. Direct calls from Clients to Microservices 5. Too many standards.

Using nginx to serve multiple nodejs applications on different domains

Categories: DevOps February 17, 2020

Serving multiple web applications for different domains can be easily achieved via the use of nginx. In this post we will go through an example on how to achieve this with an nginx docker container.

Adding hot reloading for golang development

Categories: development go December 21, 2019

Hot reloading is a convenient feature many of us don't want to miss during development. In this post we're going to have a look at how we…

Add categories and dynamically create category pages in a gatsby blog

Categories: development October 19, 2019

How to create category pages in gatsby using frontmatter fields and the createPage functionality of gatsby.

Securely setting the owner of an object in firebase

Categories: development September 29, 2019

A Firebase Realtime Database is a useful tool for many projects. It can however be difficult to securely set the owner of an object. In this article we will have a look at a real world example that I was missing in the documentation.

Adding Google OAuth to Django

Categories: development python September 21, 2019

How add a Google login button to your django login.

Why to unit test your code

Categories: development September 07, 2019

Software Testing is an important step in the process of software development. Having a well tested system does not only reduce the chance of having errors in the application, but can also lead to better software design and more maintainable code. In this article we want to have a look at the Why of unit testing..

API Gateway vs Backend For Frontend

Categories: development microservices August 31, 2019

A comparison of the API Gateway and the Backend For Frontend (BFF) pattern. The API Gateway is a single point of entry into the system for all clients, while a BFF is only responsible for a single type of client. To choose between those patterns we need to consider several factors...

How to identify your audience

Categories: indiehacking August 30, 2019

The first and most important step to build a successful product is to identify your target audience. In this article we will have a look at how to find and evaluate possible audiences for a product.

How to find a business idea

Categories: indiehacking June 23, 2019

Finding a business idea is the first and one of the most important steps. Let's have a look at common approaches to come up with profitable business ideas.

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